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Your messages to the DominateGame chatbox can be read by hundreds of people, including children. It is our highest priority that the following rules are followed:
1. Keep your language appropriate.
2. No discrimination (race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age).
3. No stalking.
4. No flooding.
5. No advertising/promotion of sites with inappropriate content.
6. No abuse of personal information.
7. No other inappropriate behaviour.

We do not allow cheating and/or teaming. We demand that you keep DominateGame an enjoyable and fair environment for all players.
1. No teaming/alliances, where two or more players work together in a rated game to take out another player (which is different from normal and common sense strategy). This could be determined by admins by watching a game or reviewing game results.
2. No creation/use of cheat maps or inappropriate maps.
3. No use of any malicious trick to manipulate your rating.

You may create a teamgame by using the "allow players with identical hostnames" to UNRATE the game.

Photo album
1. Only real photo's of yourself are allowed.
2. Only recent photo's.
3. No avatars.
4. No manipulated photo's.
5. No offensive pictures.

1. A nickname may be at most 10 characters long.
2. It may only contain alphanumeric characters (a to z and 0 to 9) and underscores (_).
3. Use of uppercase and lowercase characters is allowed.
4. A nickname may not already be in use by someone else.
5. Offensive nicknames are not allowed.

We may interpret these rules in every thinkable way. These rules can be changed at any time and new rules can be retroactive. The rules do not give any rights to the players, nor do they imply any duties for either the webmaster or the admins.


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