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Tips and trics for new players

Logging on
After you've started the program, you are asked to enter your nickname and password.

If you do not yet have a nickname, you can register a new one. If you fail to register a nickname via the application, you should try to register via the website. The error messages on the website are better than the error message in the application.

Joining a game
Press the button "Users" to open the window "Games & Users". This window contains a list of all games. Each game is marked with an icon that tells you if it is possible to join the game.

Choosing a game
Games that are marked with the icon are already running. It is not possible to join such games. You can only join games marked with the icon . Such games are waiting for players and will start when there are enough players in it.

In the window, you can also see the various game options for each game.

Placing armies
A text appears on the map when it is your turn to place armies. Use the left button on your mouse to place one by one and use the right button to place all armies at a time. At the start of the game you can place at most four armies on a country.

First, click on one of your countries you want to use to attack from, then click on the country you want to hit... The button "attack" will attack only one army at a time. The button "do or die" will attack until you gain the country or you have only 1 army left on your attacking country.

Slide bar
Sometimes after gaining a country, a bar appears at the bottom center of your screen. Use the slide bar to divide the armies over the two countries, then click OK.

You can move armies from one of your countries to another, as long as they are touching. Click on "move" then click on the 2 countries you want to make the movement on. Use the slide bar to specify the number of armies you want to move. A maximum of 7 armies can be moved at each turn. After you have moved armies, your turn is automatically ended, you may want to keep the move for last.

If you gain one or more countries during your turn, you get a card. If you exchange three cards, you get bonus armies in return. The amount of armies you get depends on the combination of cards you exchange.

You must finish your turn before the timer reaches zero. If you're too late, you are kicked out of the game. You can finish your turn by pressing the button "Finish" or by using the button "Move" to move armies between countries.

The winner
The winner is the one who captures the entire world. Do not try to capture the entire world at once however, first focus on getting a continent as holding a continent gets you bonus armies. Once you have one or more continents, patience is often your best weapon.

Fair Play
This is a gaming website with players of all ages who play this game for fun. You will be banned if you cannot behave yourself in the chatbox or on the forum or if you do not play fair.


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