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Game options

  Game is running
The game is already in progress. It is not possible to join this game as a player. You can only join active games as observer.

Game is waiting for players
The game has not yet started and is waiting for players. You can join this game as a player. The operator of the game can start the game whenever (s)he feels there are enough players. The operator is the player who started the game.

Place before attack
With this game option enabled, players get new armies at the start of each turn. Without this option players only get armies at the start of a turn in which they do not attack.
This is a very popular option. Without this option, the game awards patience as a strategy even more.

Every player must assign a capital at the start of the game. A player is kicked out of the game when his or her capital is captured. The player who captured the capital gets all of the loser's remaining countries. Games with this option enabled seldom last longer than 15 minutes.

Blind map
Player can only see their own countries and the countries that are adjacent to their countries. A game with this option enabled can be full of surprises, as players can build up huge army forces without anyone noticing.

Value of exchanged cards increases
The first player to exchange cards receives 2 armies, the second receives 4 armies. This value builds up to 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25, 30 and so on. It does not matter what combination of cards is exchanged, every valid combination (three different or three identical cards) is treated the same. Without this option, the normal rules for exchanging cards apply.

With this option enabled it is also possible to place armies on your opponent's territories. This option can be handy one of the players gets too strong and there is only one player who can do something about it.

Whispering disabled
During the game players and observer cannot use the whispering facility to send private messages to each other.

Number of cards are hidden
Normally, players can see the number of cards that their opponents have in hand. With this option the number of cards is hidden. However, if you pay attention to the other player's actions, it is still possible to keep track of the number of cards each player holds.

Multiple players from the same host allowed
By default, all players in a game must have a different IP address. This is to prevent that people can cheat with multiple nicknames inside a single game. With this option enabled it is possible to have multiple players with the same hostname in a game. This option is especially handy if you want to play agains players on the same network.
A game with this option enabled does not count for the ratings, so this option is sometimes also used to play unrated games.

Lost players are replaces by a robot
When a player leaves the game, a robot player takes over his or her countries and continues the game. This game options is currenly not functional.

Cards of defeated players go to the conqueror
When a player is defeated and has lost all it's countries, the remaining cards of the player go to player who captured the last territory if this option is enabled. Without this option, the cards go back to the cards pool in the game.

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