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Frequently Asked Technical Questions

Is there also a Macintosh (or any other operating system) version of the game?
The downloadable software is only available for the Windows platform. The web version on the other hand runs on any platform as long as it has a modern webbrowser like Internet Explorer or Firefox. So you can play the game on a Macintosh computer via the web version.

I once had a report from a player who has used a program called "VirtualPC". This program makes it possible to run PC software on a Macintosh. "VirtualPC" is developed by the company Connectix. A Linux user told me it is possible to run the game on a Linux platform with the program called "Wine".

I can't read anything in the chatbox, I only see strange characters.
Click the "config" button and go to the fonts tab. Here you need to change the font to a more regular font like arial or verdana.

How do I get rid of the message "You are running an old version of the applet?" on the web based version of the game?
Remove all your temporary internet files, close down all Internet Explorer windows and try to reload the applet.

The web based version of the game does not load, the "Please wait" text does not go away.
This is probably caused by a bug in the Java code of the applet. Close all Internet Explorer windows and try to restart the applet. To help the development of the site, you should report this bug. Go to the submenu "View" in your Internet Explorer and open the Java Console to see the error report. Please copy this error report to the discussion forum. If you can't find the Java Console in the submenu View, you should go to "Tools > Internet Options > Advanced" to enable the Java Console.

I have WebTV [or some other kind of exotic Internet connection]... How do I play?
I have no experience with WebTV. I don't even know what it is, although the name makes me think it's Internet on a TV. It's very well possible that it's not possible to play the game on a TV because it requires some advanced technologies that might not be available on a TV. If you keep having problems, try this website on a normal computer to check what the difference is between WebTV and a normal Internet connection.

After I start the game, only the Dice or Config button is activated and nothing else happens.
Do you see a timer counting down or a message that you are waiting in a queue? In that case you are logged on, but you first need to wait until the timer has reached zero, or until the queue is gone. After you've waited you can play. You can get rid of the queue or the timer by becoming a member. Members do not have to wait.

If you do not have a timer or a queue, but the program does not seem to make a connection at all, you might have a problem with a firewall and/or proxy-server. Schools, universities, companies and other organisations sometimes make use of firewalls and proxyservers because they do not want their users to run all kind of software that make connections to the Internet. Go talk to your network administrator and ask him (or her) if he can open port 8822 of for you.

I've had reports of people who complained that they used a normal internet connection, without a firewall and proxyserver, but they still did have a problem running the software. Only the Dice button was activated, all other buttons remained gray. To be honest, I do not really know what the cause of this is. One player reported to me that he had the problem fixed by installing more memory in his PC. I could use some more feedback so that I could find the cause.

Why do I need administrator rights on my computer to install the software?
During the installation procedure some changes are made to your start menu. Administrator rights are required for these changes. If you do not have administrator rights, you can download an alternative version that does not require administrator rights.

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