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How can I get rid of the banner that disturbes the game once every five minutes?
The banner is not visible for members.

I just won a game, but my rating did not change. Why?
Only games that have lasted at least 10 minutes change your rating. Your rating is not updated when you play shorter games. Games with the "same host" option and games with less than three human players are unrated, so you're rating will not be updated if you play such games. You only gain points by defeating human players, winning or losing from a robot does not influence your rating.

I just won a game, but my rating went down. Why?
Ratings are updated after a game is finished. If you are defeated early in a game, your rating will only be updated after the game is over, which can be many hours later. If you play other games in the meantime, you could end up in a situation where you expect your rating to go up because you won a game, but in stead it goes down because of an earlier game in which you lost also came to an end.

I can't store a map. Why?
Only maps that are not copies of the map of the RISK boardgame can be used. Copied maps will not be stored and cannot be used for games.

The dice, are they really random?

What are levels?
If the final three or more players in a game are players of the same level, the winner of the game goes one level up. The player from this remaining group that is thrown out first goes one level down. If the final three players in a game not all have the same level, there will be no level changes.

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