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I get the message "You are banned (sucks to be you)", but I haven't done anything!
When you are banned from the site, you cannot logon. It's possible that in the past someone with an (almost) identical internet address was banned, and that his ban does also match with your internet address. This is bad luck for you.

Are you banned and would you like the webmaster to pay attention to your case? The webmaster and the admins hate spending time on players who spoil this website. So, first show that you are of good will and become a supporting member, then get in contact with me or one of the admins.

Some bans are temporary. If you are kicked from the server you cannot logon for a couple of minutes.

I have more than three nicknames in my account, but I cannot access them all
Without a PLUS account you can only access the three nicknames with the most number of games. It is not possible to use the other nicknames. If you want to be able to also use the other nicknames, you should get a PLUS account.

There are two ways to get a PLUS account: you can buy a PLUS account or you can convert half of your current member account to a PLUS account.

It's also possible to remove a nickname from your account. If you remove one of the top three nicknames, all other nicknames shift one place up. Note that you can only remove one nickname every three months.

When do nicknames and accounts expire?
A nickname is automatically removed from the user database when no rating changes were made to it during two months. If the nickname is the only nickname in your account, it will not be removed, but the rating will be set back to 1500 and the number of games will be reset. Your account information will not automatically removed. If you are a member you do not have to worry about losing your nicknames. Nicknames of member accounts do not expire.

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