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Getting players to return


Since people give email addresses to register as players, could an email be sent out informing them of the new download for the game? And please, Emiel, can you update the site so that it shows the correct link and get the game working like normal (showing players’ ip addresses so games can be rated)? I’d hate to see the site not survive this last server change. I like the email idea bc it might reach many players that used to play before the various times the site has been down or changed servers, and get some of the old population back.


Hi Sam, We could all email each other, and pre arrange a game one in a while.


Hey Rist!

Yes, good idea. Or maybe a Facebook page or a set day and time window that worked for people? Be good to think of some way to play.

Anyone else? Preferred times you can play?

Nu publish the address of the new game in all the forums


In all the forums, yes, but also on the homepage of the website.

Anyone interested in playing, sign in at 9pm eastern time if you can.


Still here!!

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