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Let's face it: Game Over


90% of the time 0 players online.
10% of the time 1 or 2* players online (*which is mostly 1 player with 2 different nicks.)

No IP adresses, so the only option is to play unrated. (Unrated itself is fine, but as a result every person can join a game with multiple nicks.)

The standard web applet players were using (and can be downloaded on the website) is not operational anymore. You have to first dig in the website/discussion forum to download a there stated link on an unaffiliated random download-website. I know it's posted by an administrator, but 90% will either not find it in the first place or not trust it because their virusscanner runs wild with warnings when clicking the random download link.

Therefore we can state that it is finally Game Over.

Very unfortunate, but thanks to Emiel for creating this outstanding game and the years of joy.

There is still nothing like it after all these years. I tried all the online risk alternatives and they just plain suck with long turns, messy overviews und inconvenient gameplay.

Greetings to everybody.



We have one last option,...

Pre-arranged games. Appointments.

If someone sets up a game for a certain time/day, others can "meet" them there to play.


Just join and play!


Every time I sign in, I'm the only player online. I seriously hope the site survives.


Whenever I log in, and am the only one on, if I sit there for 4 hours, sometimes 6-8 people pop in, and then leave. If people would just wait a while, we could get some games going, then others would stay, and we could rebuild.


thank you all for playing and have a good one!


This was indeed a fantastic website and I would go as far as saying that it was a big enough part of my life as I have spent so much time here that I could not imagine what it would accumulate to.

Within that time I had some great times & I always embraced meeting great players & the village idiot types.

However, due to a very unfortunate series of events this site has become what it is today.

The site has had declining numbers over many years and at this point I wish I could congratulate the Webmaster & admins on their efforts to reverse the declining numbers but in essence their actions they only sped up its death. Two of the biggest challenges this site was faced with was (1) the Webmasters efforts to upkeep the site and (2) constant appointment of childish admins who forced genuinely good players off the site & killing the competition.

At this point I would give the site less than 1% chance of survival & I would like to congratulate Emiel for making this site what it once was.

Finally, I would like to give a heartfelt thank you to all of the players who I played with over the years & I secretly always loved my enemies as they bring out the worst in me :)

Bye for now,


Used to play this for countless hours many years ago. Decided to check back in and sad to see that it has died out. Thanks to the developers and host for a lot of fun back in the day.

Are there alternatives to this that folks use?


i played alot while on vacations in indonesia back in november then when i tried to redownload the game few months after (march) it didnt work...i had to dig on forum to understand the right place to sure that turned many people away...has many wouldnt thinking to chase/research it more...i was so surprised to download the game and see Batman only online all the time..while just 6 months ago we had 5-6-7-8 games going on at sametime..what happened? this game has alot of potential ..other risks i tried were sure we can revive guys heard of DISCORD? we could make a channel for this game and chat there when people wanna play and log on etc..and ya some1 above gave a good idea..scheduled games like lets say everyday 9pm east people log that time


Sounds good. 9pm eastern time. And I'll check out DISCORD.

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