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Server Update


Can you update the download so it points to the right server?



Thanks, but that still brings me to server 2, which no one is on.


Do I really need to explain why this isn't right? The front page needs to have the correct download. Not hidden in the comments section.


Server 2 is the only one working, the others are frozen. Those players have been inactive for over a month, no games played on those serves in over a month. Server 2 IS the server.


so when u see 19 players online on server 4 and 1 and 3..theses are just frozen informations for months?? ya also the download isnt right on main page..i had to come to discussion and find out here..that doesnt seem right...staff dont care about the game anymore?


Did they ever?


The admins on this site were the biggest pieces of shit you could find anywhere on the internet.

Repeatedly, there were admins appointed who were absolutely shit at the game & they used their admin tools against the genuinely good players as a way to get "one up" on them.

Now look at the pathetic state of this site. Of course the admins are to blame, especially that cunt ger.


It's over Chuck, you can let go of the anger.
Thanks for all the great games!


Where is the admin now? He is absolutely nowhere to be found. He abandoned the site once there was nobody left to inflict his admin tools on.

He had his fun and it is over now so he fucked off elsewhere. All he cared about was fucking up the site. Mission accomplished.

As for Emiel, I have no idea why he spent so much time & money creating this site only to leave one piece of shit after another to govern the site. In almost 20 years, I can honestly say there has not been a single admin who acted honestly & fairly with the admin tools.

It is only a matter of time before Emiel pulls the plug on Dominategame & the rest is history.


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