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We're Live!


We're live. Woo! Download the new link here:


Yea. I'm not going to download some random file.


It's a legit safe link provided by the admin. But I had to disable my Windows Defender to get it to download. It will replace the old download of the game with the new server's ip address.

Wish some new players would join our ever shrinking player base. Such a great game and site and we used to have soooo many more players, which made for more and better games.

Glad the game is back online-thanks, Emiel and Newww!


You've got to be kidding. You want me to download a random file. And then you wonder why you don't have more players.

I'm not downloading a random file. I have no way of knowing if it's from the administrator.

If you want ME to play, then you need to put the file up in the front of the web site, so that I KNOW it's from the administrator,

I'd be an idiot to just believe someone who posted on a forum.


Up to you mate. I don't care if you play or not.


I did it. It works.


By just sticking the file in the discussion forum, your limiting the number of people who are going to play. There are people who will be worried about viruses. And there are people who won't find the file. A lot of people never check the forum.

When was the last time the forum was updated? No one is checking the forum.



link works


nobody online?


I'm online. Join! So I can beat yo ass :)


Hi everybody!

I'm trying to download the file, but I can't. It says:

"Gofile is currently under maintenance and this upload is being migrated to a more efficient storage. Please try again later."

Can someone place it in another downloading page?

Thank you!



I just entered: in my browser, and Norton rejected it as unsafe!


its not bloody working anymore


Dom is dead.
Some of us players are moving over
to D12.
Send me a pm if u join,and we can
play a 2 player game, and I'll show you the ropes.

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In order to gain this benefit the member must put you as the referrer. If you use the referral link it will automatically put you as the referrer when they try to register and they will not be able to change it.

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