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Newww-download not working (solved)


For some reason, when I tried using the link for the new download, my Windows Defender blocked it from that website. And it seems my laptop does not allow me to turn off Windows Defender, so I am unable to download the game.

I've never had a problem when I use the download button here on the Dominate website, so could you possibly update that so the download will work for us with Windows Defender holding our computers hostage?

Thanks for getting the game back online. I just can't join yet :(((((

lol, not that I'm addicted or anything!


Hi, I will look into it. I did nothing special on this installer. The program is same as before, but with changed ip address.

Or is it just the download site that is giving problems? Then I can make another download link.


It was just the site that Defender found suspicious. And my Windows 10 did not have the normal setting to disable Defender, but I Googled and found a way to disable it anyway, so I'm cool. Thank you!


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