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reunite at other risk site


im not sure if anyone will read this im not sure if dominate is dead for sure but this wont harm i soppose anyone situation given
anyways if you would like to carry on playing risk have a quick look at ; im playing there quite a few years already and its been fun as much as here xd hope to see you guys soon


TP_knighty is MIA,here and over at D12.Rumor is that Charles came to visit tp for lunch.

but come play me on D12. I'm the dude with a 1000's nicks here,just ask manyak. LOL

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I'm joining D12 risk, this site is DEAD

thanks Joey7


All welcome

TP_knighty is back on D12

Sebastien,Fleur,checkmate and
Rist9 are some players that made the move


No. Come back here and help Dominate survive. You'll never replace the fun times (and horrible experiences and memories lol) of this site. And if anyone is in contact w Emiel, ask him to please fix the site and download?!

It's a miracle the site has survived past extended downtimes and well a few other problems (he) but this time I'm really getting worried. I don't want to grow up!



D12 is not that great of site.
I been chat banned for over a year.LOL

They have a few good admin.
But like dom it is dying.

Get a hold of Emiel on social media.
he likes young pale boys,so maybe
catfish his fag ass.


I'm not only a builder with little
skill for the game.

I cheat with TP_knighty when we are done making love. btw, he always ask
me to play the man.

and he promise to cuddle and team the best players here,so we can steal ther points.

I'm dum as a box of rocks,so I need
help signing up for this new site.

my email is


Oh i foeget
even threw i got to play the men, he still wants me to weer a pink dress, or no dirty sanch-hole.

I reely mess playin on domiante


I was wrong about D12

That site is a joke and MOST of the

Some not all abuse their admin powers. Or just plan suck.
If they rather have noobs playing over good players,so let it be.

TP knows.


major TP_knighty. congrats on
making the Top12 this month.

Looks like I might be chat banned
on d12 for who knows how long.

But I'm looking for pairs partner.
we would kick some serious butt in
games against most other pairs.

think about it. two players from
dom ruling D12. they would go ballistic. I'll post my contact info

I gave charles your addy,hope u do not mind.


Looks like TP_knighty is a dirty little cheater over at D12 too.
Was teaming with Henris_1.

He just got banned again for the
second time this year.
Or they just lock him out.LOL

what a loser.


An what is it with the Dutch and cheating or teaming at online risk?
do they all have small peckers?

Here are a few teamers & friends.
They got me a few times, and the admin does nothing. For some reason
I'm chat banned and blacklisted over at D12.

Group douche

AND MAYBE bluke69

Group suck corn out of shiz



Hi Knightly, I checked it out.
But as a hardcore caps player I just can't see how the game offered at that site can come close to what the game was here.

1. The maps.
The squares on maps are always the same color. The players that own squares are represented by a color of circle around the number.
This makes reading the board a challenge, which leads to mistakes being made.

2. Turns are just way too long.
3 minute minimum turns is insane. 1 round can take take 15 minutes before it comes back to you. Now I know most don't take this long, but too many games can be won by players that simply have no life and will camp and do nothing and take the clock.

3. Because games can take so long, and I watched a few. The level of play is nowhere near what we had here. Our top players here have 10,000s games under their belts. I know the rankings on this site dont reflect this, but shitty admins deleted this sites real history out of ego.
A quick browse through the all time rankings don't do any justice sadly. Some of the best players this site has seen accounts don't even exist sadly. Sorry for side rant.


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