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I believe Emiel is in Columbia Emiel is captured by the FARC and is snorting tons of cocaine.


I wouldnt say that,... But I will say thank you Emiel for 15 years of gaming.


If this is the end then it was wonderful and fun playing with everyone over the years. Thank you Emiel for creating a little piece of magic - it was special!


The server has a new ip address. I have changed the client program of DominateGame. You can download the installation program from here:


hey nice to see you and all the effort but im not sure what i should do i had first pop block for opening i overwrite it and then i got some weird pop up block again that i have never seena dn it jsut doesnt let me open it - any special suggestion or is it jsut not working but i see you already on server2 so it must be working


nm it works newww is the best xd; hurry up guys im waiting xdxdxdxd


Yah i downloaded the new game here... but it doesnt even let me chat let alone make a game... what is going on - James USA


How do i get on the server with all the players on it?


Emiel Bruijntjes is a sadist


Yah cuz... this is torture.


I can get into the new game just fine, chat, and set up games. There's one open right now!


How do I get on to server 4? Are ya'll able to play on there?

link works now play again


Server 2 is the only server, the others have been inactive for over a month


Warning. The link in the forum is not from the administration, and it's probably dangerous.


Slipery (if you mean slippery, you're spelling it wrong), that's not true, and you're not helping. The link was posted by the admin, and several of us have downloaded it and been able to log in again with no problems. If you don't want to chance it, fine, I guess we'll be ok without you. But to keep posting over and over again that you don't trust the link is getting a bit repetitious. The link is legit. Thanks.


The download link was posted by me. I have tried to contact the owner to place it at the front page of this site. He always responds very slow or not even at all, so we have to wait till he will update the site with this download. In the meantime you can use the download link. If you don't trust, then that's fine also. The program is exactly the same as you used till now, except that the IP-address was changed. As a matter of fact, that program was also changed by me for a few years ago when we had the same IP-address problem.

Download link:

Best Regards,
newww (admin)

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