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Head Admin


I hereby declare that l will not be returning to Dominategame unless l am given the position of Head Admin.

The current people who maintain the site [Emiel & Ger] have very little interest in doing anything constructive here. My efforts to improve this site are fruitless and will remain so until I am given full authority.

I believe that with good leadership that Dominategame will become prosperous once again [Currently there are only 7 players online].

Thank you,


I agree too


Have it in writing now.
Site has been 1000 times better with you gone.

Really Charles I think this is last ban on dominate.As the party is over for you forever.

Been fun
what name should I use?
No joke,I'm really

Kim Jong-un


This site is absolutely nothing without me... without me there is absolutely no competition here. An uncompetitive site is an obsolete site.

It is unfortunate (for you) that you are too stupid to see that. Give it another few months for it to sink into your thick skull.

One day the world will know that I was right.


To me, you are obsolete.


How do you know he's fat?

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