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Dominategame Is Nothing Without Me


I have always maintained my position as one of the most prestigious & reputable players on the site.

During my tenure I have held the position of #1 for longer than one year. It was during this period that I solemnly believe that morale of players reached its peak.

Many players have insisted that "Dominategame without Charles is like Nazi Germany without Hitler".

Unfortunately, my character has been recklessly under attack from those charged with governing the site. This has occurred at almost perfect intervals.

As I have not broken ANY rules, I would like to be unbanned so I can return to play.

Thank you,



Bloody hell. I haven't been on here in many years, and here you are still talking shite. You need help lad.


Crawl back under the rock you came from.

All of my people love me. My people would die for me.

Soon I will be a known political activist of which I aim to have Europe under my total control.

My first protocol will be to send the economic migrants back to the Middle East and to Africa. I will be tasked with the duty to undo the mess that Angela Merkel single handedly created.

I hope on this matter I will have the full support of my fellow comrades.

[I do not include Eri in that as he is one of the people whom I will be sending back].

Thank you,

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