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I'd put this in the complaint category but what's a complaint without a proposed solution?

From watching intently some games, some rather remarkable observations resulted.

There's already the issue of teaming but with the advent of smartphones going beyond those whom may have had 2 different desktop computers in their room with different ISPs, the cell phone carrier would be different. And so, there could be a single person playing in games using 2 or even 3 different names, all of different ISPs.

For this game to have some modicum of fairness, a means to identify the location of each account would be imperative and even if such means only loosely determined the geographical position (say two persons living a hundred feet away), preventing two disparate players from playing in accordance of preventative measures may result and would not sufficiently impact the ability to form games.

Humans, for whatever reason, just to test the system, or from poor playing skills decide to be clever and seek ways to cheat the system, will make their attempts. Reasonable safeguards should thus be in place to thwart such attempts.


Since you dug up a 14 month old dead thread to say what an asshole I am, let me respond 2 months later to your "new" thread...

Your "solution" is moot since the game hasn't been updated in 10 years, isn't going to be updated in the next 10, and no one gives a damn what you or anyone else thinks should be done/changed.


dont give up day...maybe for christmas

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