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Top 10 losers of the week


Winning is getting old and boring on the site.But it isfun to beat these clowns that are left playing.
So my top 10 or so rejects are weeks are in no certain order right now.

1.bike825 1246.This kid must piss sitting down.
2. manyak99.No game,just poop out of his mouth
3.janmexi 1507.made him one of my bitches.
4.Roscy:Back stabber teamer.
5.MCXX:See above
6.earthone:Almost 4K games and still blows.
7.xvxvx:Dude is a big smelly pussy.Runs and is scared of me bigtime.
8.sjakie 1525
9.gezellig 1255
10.devill63 1558


So my top 10 or so rejects of the week are in no certain order right now.

Next 10 because I posted the first 10 late.

--wolt 1451 1805 1107 6 6836
2nd placer

--ginagriffi 1228 1607 1096 1 2992--ginababy u suck

--Toffay 1387 1783 1104 6 2650

--master 1682 1856 1350 6 2337

--CuteAmy 1572 1781 1194 4 860

--TP_knighty 1547 1866 1219 3 756(MY FAVORITE TURD!!!)


--degekste_ 1574

--CA3SAR 1430 1500 1430 1 4


Hi Charles,

I saw janmexi kick your ass multiple times.

I also piss sitting down by the way.
Mostly this is hard for me because the head takes a dive.

Yours truly,

Your Master

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