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Hey everyone


Just saying hi to any of the old timers who may still stop by here.


Hello Eric, how goes it?


Hey xbc newkid on the block.


What up


hey...back at you




Hi all,

I wonder that the game still alive. I gave up playing 2 or 3 years ago when the server problems not to end. But still there is no much player like old days.


Agreed. The admin killed the site by banning all the players who were better than him which let's face it, was about 95% of the site.

Now he is the best player left (congratulations on that) however, he did not foresee the problem of lack of players to worship his amazing skills after he banned all of the best players. Now due to a lack of players, he has lost interest in the site.

Frankly, he couldn't be bothered.

It would be too honourable to step down as admin as you never know... thousands of new players might just suddenly login and become addicted. It would be extremely unfortunate to not be the admin (and best player) when that happens so his logic tells him not to step down on that off-chance.

Until then (which is never) nothing will happen & he will keep checking back periodically to see if there are any new players lurking around which need to witness how amazing and powerful the admin can be.



everytime i try to play servers are down dammit

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