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Dominategame Needs Me


I have been the most prominent players here on Dominategame since I started playing in 2001. Since then the site has clearly suffered by the actions of those who are supposed to be looking after the best interest of the site and that is the sad reality.

Banning an honest player for exposing a cheat goes to the very heart of the problem. Every admin since 2001 without exception has abused the admin tools. Also every admin since 2001 has attempted to brutally force the better players off the site and has succeeded in most cases and that is why the average player is now rated 1200.

Admins breaking the rules and abusing the tools they were entrusted to do good with should not be tolerated by the average player. Also when it is clear that an admin can no longer do any good for the site then it is time to pass those tools on to somebody else who is willing and capable of doing a better job. Holding onto a position of admin and not logging on for many consecutive weeks shows the utter contempt that that admin has for the position and is utter selfish action.

I have been attempting to contact an admin for many weeks and if they are not reading the forum then they may as well not be admins.

Thank you,


I can hold up a rock with 1 hand


Yes Dominategame Needs you for cheap entertainment.Attaboy

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