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Hello Everybody


It is time to unban me considering I have been banned for more than 2 months.

Also, the extra days I have served should be automatically deducted from my next ban. (There is no apology necessary for this.)

Thank you & I will see you all again soon.



The words "automatically deducted from my next ban" should imply to anyone with a brain that you haven't changed and have zero intention on being a decent and respectable member of the community. It also shows that you already intend to crash the games of other players in the future.

That being said, I can't see any reason why anyone, in their right mind, would even consider removing your ban; to do so would knowingly ruin the game for decent and respectable players.


I am still banned and I am still not one bit happy with being banned. I strongly suggest that something is done about this with immediate effect.



There is still no one that cares if you're happy or not. I strongly suggest that you accept that nothing has been done, on your part, to change your attitude or your admittance that you intend on doing the same things in the future, and the "immediate effect" is another day where the game, as a whole and as a community, is better because you're not allowed to be part of it.


The admins are constantly breaking the rules of dominategame & that is why there are so few players left.

Every admin who has passed through here has always felt the need to use the admin tools for personal purposes and very few have done anything to actually help the site.

It is simply time for Ger to go.

Thank you,



There are few players left because there are few people that have ever heard of the game and even fewer that want to play an obscure, antiquated game that hasn't been updated in over 10 years.

But, sure, lie about the admin that banned you for crashing people's games instead.


How did he crash other peoplle's games? is that possible?

sometimes I get kicked out of the game, and I can't log back in, it says already logged in. This has happened when I was winning the game. Very frustrating...

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