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The true story behind "tardland"


1978 - Jackie Chan makes "Drunken Master" (a kung fu comedy in Cantonese)
1994 - Jackie Chan makes "The Legend of Drunken Master" (part II of "Drunken Master" in English)

Both movies use a style of fighting called "Drunken Boxing"

2005 - Memorice approves Sudz editing his map to use "drunken sounding names", add a penalty country (previously the self-titled "MEMORICE"), and change some neighbors (adding a link from Aus to SA)
2005 - "Drunken Boxing" becomes a domintegame map

2014 - Sudz edits the title, and 1 country/continent, of Drunken Boxing and uploads it as "tardland" (in a futile attempt to allow tardgirl to feel as a contributing part of the community)
2014-eternity - Tardgirl delusively claims to have made the map and Sudz has "stole it" from her

2014-eternity - Refusing to allow tardgirl her delusions, Sudz vows to never re-upload any playable map called "tardland" ever again

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