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I have been the most feared, loved and respected player that this site has ever known.

Also, I have uncovered how the admin and his friends were corrupt and this is the reason behind my ban. It is time for dominategame to know the truth.

My two month ban is now up and it is time for my return to dominategame.

I have a vision for a new dominategame with major improvements starting with ousting the current corrupt leadership. I believe I am the final hope for dominategame to become popular again.

Thank you very much,



1) How does "a lifetime ban for, literally, ruining the game for other players" in English translate into "two month ban" in Irish?

2) Most players find the site better off with you being gone.

3) No one actually wants you back.

4) You're an idiot.

P.S. - Did I mention that you're an idiot?


You americans are funny the way you think you can make rules up as you go. There is simply nobody with the authority to ban me for life. Your assumptions are so crazy that you are considered beyond trolling at this stage.


I make no assumptions. We had many players online, we took a vote, and it was unanimously agreed upon that you never returning (also known as a lifetime ban) was more beneficial to the game, as a whole, than the long overdue upgrades/fixes that the site/game needs.

P.S. - Did I mention that you're an idiot?


P.S.S - 2015 December 9 - 2016 January 25 is not two months. Learn to count, idiot.


I agree that Sudz has become a full time Dominate troll, for the last couple of years. What good does it contribute for him to write some obnoxious reply to every post in the forum, most of which are meant for the admin to address. And since when is the right to play a popularity contest, where the online players "vote" about who should be banned.

Charles sometimes gets carried away and makes mistakes, but once the admin takes action to remind him to follow the rules, and he serves out his ban time, then he should be allowed to come back as long as he plays nice (relatively speaking).

I think Sudz should be banned for impersonating an admin, being continuously intrusive, rude and obnoxious in the chat boxes, plagiarizing (stealing) maps and generally being a troll that discourages good players from returning to, or staying to play on, the site. Just saying, I get very tired of Sudz's obnoxious forum posts. He seems to think he runs this place and has more rights than other players. LET THE ADMIN DEAL WITH THE COMPLAINTS AND BANS. PLAY RISK. DON'T MAKE THIS WEBSITE YOUR LIFE. AND DON'T TAKE YOUR MISERY OUT ON THE PLAYERS HERE. We need players and you are driving them away in droves :)

Good luck in the games. Don't let the warring spill over into how you treat the other human beings outside of the game. Thanks, Sam


"And since when is the right to play a popularity contest, where the online players "vote" about who should be banned. "

Since he was, literally, banned twice (in just over 9 months) for ruining the games of other players (by crashing their games and staking them) the same as he did 18 months before that!

Crashing the games of other players you have a grudge against isn't a "mistake", it's being a douche!

In 27 months, he's been banned 3 damn times for crashing the games of other players, and you really don't think the players should have a say, as a community?

Now, Zack/Samantha, to address your other delusions:
1) I have never impersonated anyone, much less an admin.
2) I give credit to the original maker of every map I upload that isn't my own, and I suggest you look up the word "plagiarizing" before you try to use it.
3) The truth is neither rude or obnoxious, it just is what it is.
4) Anything "meant for the admin to address" would be sent to the admin and not as a global post.
5) This isn't in the "Complaints" section, it's in "General Discussion" (even Chuckie isn't ignorant enough to not know the difference, but it seems you are).


Hi Charles.


As an active member of the community, I support the unbanning of charles.

Sudz chill out dude. Perhaps active members should sit down and discuss if you should be banned or not...apparently thats a legit way to go about it.

My pc decided it doesnt like windows 10, so my triumphant return has been postponed.


When I've done worse than crashing people's games (which you seem to be in favor of), let me know.


I believe everyone should be given another chance and Charles should be allowed to rejoin the game. The final decision is of course up to Admin, though I hope Admin decides to end Charles ban.


Would that be the 2nd chance from 2011, the 2nd chance from 2013, the 2nd chance from 2014, the 2nd chance from 2015, or a 7th 2nd chance in 2016?


Maybe you should read what I wrote, which was 'another chance' not "2nd chance".

At any rate the decision is Admin's along with any conditions, if any that may or maynot be imposed before Charles is allowed to play.

Unlike you I don't have an axe to grind. My view is Charles should be unbanned because 30 days is more than enough punishment... He can always be banned again if he refuses to follow the rulz.



I have no "axe to grind". My position on this matter has nothing to do with Chuckie himself.

My position is based on a player that has been banned multiple times for, literally, ruining players games.

In this instance, this player has shown that your theory of "he will stop on his own" is severely flawed.
This is a player that will not "learn his lesson", this is a delusional sociopath that believes his actions of, literally, crashing games is justified.

The fact that the banned player is Chuckie is just a bonus.



Once a gimp - always a gimp. In all the years I've known you on this site, you've still not grown, Charles - and thats sad.


Are you still befriending underage girls online and meeting up with them Guru?

In Ireland we have places for people like with those tendencies. They come out completely reformed (something you could do with).


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