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CrashBots => TeamBots


The CrashBots are now trying to team. Try to beat them and let me know if you think they are too easy.


This is not funny , they are to good :-)

Keep on going to good work JP.

Greetz M4RCOS72


WTF, even 2 are unbeatable..

Or I'm just a lame player, which could be it 2.


indeed. "trying to team" :D
very humbling experience.


Tnx for the feedback.

I'll now try to make them win when playing 2 vs 2.


There are 2 bots in 1 vs 2...
They suicide on the human player...both. And they get at least twice as much armies than the human to start with...and you think it is good that they can beat somebody? I am truely sorry to inform you that I think they suck.
It would be better if you could program it that they would lose.
Btw Teambots are for losers and people who don't dare to program.


Some bold statements, Rad.

So is Testbot going to kick Tiffany's ass in the next tournament?


You seem to be missing the point rad. As a developer you should know there's nothing easy about any kind of bot.

Sure, the crashbots as they are now aren't that hard to make but making a decent teambot takes as much effort as making any other bot. Besides, human players team up on bots so why shouldn't they be able to do the same?


Not yet...that's why the name is testbot. ;-)


Try making your best bot a team bot. That's what I did with TheBirds, and it's not trivial. I'm trying to maintain that capability with bluejay, but i'm sure i broke a bunch of things with teaming that will need to be addressed.


can somebody give me a link where i can a version of tcl did not work google links are dead and the links on this site are dead



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