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failed connection


I have Java 8 with most recent update installed.
Played here regularly but unable to connect since last java upgrades during 2015. Do I have to change some setting in java to be able to play? Which java version are you using to play this game? Tx for help.


Many thanks !! Such warm people on this site..


It could be that:

a) most players rarely, if ever read the forums,
b) most players are not technically savvy enough to answer, so they opted for not giving you bad advice,
c) most players use the download and have no clue how to use java version,
d) The game was written in Java1 and Java 8 is on it's 60th update in the last 17 months (rendering 'b' a possibility for even those that are intermediate users), or
e) you're right we're all just assholes.


I have the same problem. after I downloaded an older version of Java (TM) 6 Update 22, a connection to the service was better. Try this can help you.


wow OK so people have not been able to run the applet for a long time now.

If you run it as an application it runs fine within a user environment. I can run it with java 8 update 92 (latest as of now) This means, it should be possible to run it on mac, linux etc, although I haven't tried.

so that tells me it's probably security. With the security imposed on applets lately a lot of them can't run, and that's why you see a lot of sites abandoning unsigned applets alltogether.

Emil could sign his old applet, or try moving it over to java web start but that probably needs time he doesn't have.

I could package the application and upload it somewhere, but I would probably need permission from an admin.

otherwise, just learn java. Emil has made it available to you. You just need to be tech savvy enough. although, if you make the effort to learn java, you would have to go for antique java. it's very very old code. model 1995...

if you have an old computer with an old java runtime, you might be able to get it to work too...


Hi, tnx for earlier advice.
Recently I went for update 8/111 for other than gaming purposes, which ruined connection to the game of course.
Downgraded to 8/92 just now, retested after removing 111 and rebooting, but still the connection fails.
Is there some setting to adjust, to allow to run and connect properly?


Hi Xvxvx,
I would like to know which java version you are currently using.



Tried all browsers with OS Vista and Win 10. Each in combination with several java versions.
Should I buy a machine with Win 7 or Win 8 and do the same exercise combining all browsers & java versions untill I find something that enables me to connect to this game, or is it more simple to just abandon this site?


right now I use java 8 update 65

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