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low-end rent in your country


without having to go to other sites which may be terribly inaccurate, perhaps some here could tell me what a low-end rent for a small clean apartment would be in your country.

I am sure there would be a range as there is in this vast country of the United States. Monthly rent for a studio apartment might range from $400 (if you are very lucky and maybe in a depressed part of the country) to $1,200, and could be even higher in some places. It might be around $650 where I am now.

Being USA has gone to the dogs with the Federal Reserve leading the way to a new world order and oppressive monetary policies copied by central banks elsewhere and unlawfully manipulating up stocks markets to cause for a third world wealth dividie, coddling the wealthy and otherwise ignorant people who go long any valuation and destroying rightful short sellers to lose and after having their bank interest taken away, I am considering living abroad.

Perhaps Spain? Maybe Hungary? Maybe some other place. First I need to determine by the rent prices. Sure I could go to South America but with diseases and crime, I am not so sure.

My country lies about too many things. I did a proper accounting of the GDP growth upon a real basis and it has been at or near negative 10% for each of the past 5 years. Unemployment is actually around 23 to 26 percent by my calculations. The propaganda has never been so great here. I'd also like to be where GMO foods are banned!


wealth divide**


Well, here in Canada I'm paying about $550 US for a one bedroom spacious condo with a beautiful view and balcony. I'm also making about $75k a year so basically my living expenses are next to nothing. Jobs are prevalent in the town I'm in you just have to be willing to work. It's not like this everywhere here but I happen to be in a good part of the country right now.


You think you can escape to another country? Its a global economy. There is only one ship and you are on it. In a fiat economy, perception is everything. If you really want to make a better world, stop talking it down and get in the game. If we are lucky, we'll get another hundred or two years out of this old boat. Civilizations inevitably fall. Sitting around waiting for it, or actively hastening it, is a waste of what little time you have. Fly a kite, ride a bike, climb a mountain, have some kids, or at least cut your hair and get a job. ......fucking democrats....

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