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on several fronts


I played this a lot in 2006..there were some guys controlling it back then and I guess it fell apart for there are so few players now.

1)If you would, write a simple script you'd want displayed on websites and those who wish to spread the word could post it on one or more of their personal websites. Something like "the very best risk game online"

2)Make the player's name and rating anonymous in the games so that there would be less bullying and vengeful play. All you would have to do is assign a temporary computer generated name, which would be known only to each of the players, their own, and at the conclusion of the game, the ratings and player names would be known. This would conquer a lot of the problems.

3) Like on there is an ongoing pinging to adjust for actual time a person sees so it's not based so much on how near one is to the server. Those in NA with a crappy connection get screwed. As I said elsewhere, I am lucky to get three hits in a 30-second game.


4) Your gameboard and play is exceptional. Very well done. Vastly superior to the gimmicky type you see at other game sites and the public should easily discover this but being there are now big game sites offering this game, I think your site is passed up and for this I offer this as an idea: Create many FREE sites of differing names, say for and other hosting companies, with whatever addresses available such as :

and all the variations you can think of and all of them having identical content showing an example of the board and a write-up that makes it appear not so much associated with this site but made to appear as though it's a site merely showing how great this site is and several places within the page and even the images posted upon clicking will lead to your homepage. Search engines could lead to one of these sites to help point the way to this particular one.

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