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player leaves right before he is eliminated


happened my last game and sure messed up the board. i counted on the opponent to not have any countries in the area I was eliminating an opponent and then suddenly, my armies are cut off from finishing him off as a country appeared in my path as one I owned.

i am not actually sure how to deal with this as the auto sharing the countries among remaining players is practically necessary but when a person leaves in such a circumstance, it can alter the board to be different than what would have occurred otherwise.

possibly a good paddling of the player is in order?


I believe any cards of the losing player would also not be gotten if due had the player not left right at the end of being eliminated. I wouldn't have minded if the guy quite before I wasted 150-200 armies....amazing stuff happens with humans.


Hey Bozo
How did you win two games?
I watch you play.You hide or try place 2nd if you run into trouble.


LOL, thanks for your mature comment.

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