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tcl script commands


I'm trying to compile a list of valid tcl commands and was wondering if this has already been done? (well I'm sure of it). If anybody have a list, or can point me to documetnation, please post.

to clarify I would like a list like:

puts $GameStatus
playerinfo number ?nick?
color foreground ?playernumber?
color background ?playernumber?
userinfo rating ?nick?
userinfo admin ?nick?
userinfo game ?nick?
status nick
status initialized


here is a more complete list. Please do add to it:

chatbox ?chatbox? active
chatbox ?chatbox? adduser ?nick?
chatbox ?chatbox? color ?nick? ?color?
chatbox ?chatbox? output ?circlecolor? ?linecolor? ?message? ?hidebool?
chatbox ?chatbox? removeuser ?nick?
chatbox ?chatbox? reset
chatbox ?chatbox? strikeout ?nick? ?bool?
color background ?playernumber?
color foreground ?playernumber?
gameinfo allowgifts ?gameid?
gameinfo alwaysplace ?gameid?
gameinfo blind ?gameid?
gameinfo capitals ?gameid?
gameinfo clientcount ?gameid?
gameinfo clients ?gameid?
gameinfo disconnected ?gameid?
gameinfo getcards ?gameid?
gameinfo gifts ?gameid?
gameinfo hidecards ?gameid?
gameinfo increasecards ?gameid?
gameinfo mapid ?gameid?
gameinfo maxrating ?gameid?
gameinfo minhumans ?gameid?
gameinfo minrating ?gameid?
gameinfo numberofclients ?gameid?
gameinfo numberofplayers ?gameid?
gameinfo numberofrobots ?gameid?
gameinfo nowhispering ?gameid?
gameinfo nowhispers ?gameid?
gameinfo operator ?gameid?
gameinfo playercount ?gameid?
gameinfo pba ?gameid?
gameinfo placebeforeattack ?gameid?
gameinfo receivecards ?gameid?
gameinfo replacebots ?gameid?
gameinfo robotcount ?gameid?
gameinfo robots ?gameid?
gameinfo running ?gameid?
gameinfo samehosts ?gameid?
gameinfo seconds ?gameid?
gameinfo timeout ?gameid?
gameinfo users ?gameid?
output ?message?
puts $GameStatus
on ?weight? ?type? ?proc?
playerinfo number ?nick?
send chat ?chatbox? ?message?
send whisper ?nick? ?message?
status nick
status initialized
userinfo active ?nick?
userinfo admin ?nick?
userinfo enemy ?nick?
userinfo friend ?nick?
userinfo game ?nick?
userinfo host ?nick?
userinfo hostname ?nick?
userinfo member ?nick?
userinfo observer ?nick?
userinfo player ?nick?
userinfo rating ?nick?
userinfo smilie ?nick?
whisper active ?nick?
whisper close ?nick?
whisper list
whisper open ?nick?
whisper output ?nick? ?circlecolor? ?linecolor? ?message?

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