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Hey fellow players,

I've been playing this game in the early years (2005-2006) and now I'm back. The situation of the game and the community scared me. There are not a lot of players left anymore and no updates on the site have been made for a long time.

Guys, I want to change something. This fantastic game should get alive again. More players should come in. I want to do this in a professional way and I need help.

Please reply on this post if you see opportunities as well and if you want to contribute. Nothing is impossible and I need people who believe in a revival of this game just like me.

I'm looking forward to hear from you!


We never left


vote for me and i'll make all your wildest dreams come true

No serious.The owner is not going to change anything.


Why do you think so Vote4Pedro? Have you ever had contact with the owner?


I want change.
but so few players left.I would like to see the bad players ban for a week or two.


Alexander, careful there...

I would love to play and wipe the floor with all of you Noobs, but it says I am banned. Since I just logged on though, it seems weird. Anyway, to make a short story long, maybe the ban mechanism is messed up, and new players (like me) can't join.

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