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Vote For Best Player of The Year


I would like to propose a nomination for "Best Player of The Year". Everybody is allowed to vote once.

I would like to kick-start the voting by voting for myself. This is because I think I am wonderful. I have held the #1 spot this year for around 6 months and in this period I have helped many players understand the game better.

I am also a very sociable player and probably the most popular player that this site has ever known.

I embrace the voting and I would urge players to vote for whom they think deserves it the most.

Finally, I would like to say that I am looking forward to be crowned "Player of The Year 2014".

Thank You,


Banned in 2013 for crashing other players game clients and wanting people to call him "Player of the Year" in 2014.

Great joke, I love it!


"Twinkie" gets my vote.
Best player all around.And most respected.


Love Twinkies.They get my vote for player of the year.


Three things are certain in life:
death, taxes, and people understanding that Twinkie is the BEST


TWINKIES and milk...yummies


Nothing like using 4 different accounts to "vote" for yourself on a meaningless concept.


Yes Sudz you are correct. Ng obviously misunderstood , when I said "everybody is allowed to vote once" I meant one vote per person, not one vote per personality.

I hereby declare Ng disqualified from the competition. That leaves me in the lead fast approaching the midnight deadline on December 31st.

Thank you


I am the bestest of the best. Me. Rank 12. Level 1.


I also vote for Aspie.
This charles guy sounds 5150.
And do not care for Twinkies.


Twinkies and Ding Dongs go together like Cheech and Chong.
Twinkie for player of the year.


newww deserves it - unsung hero of Dominategame. Modest, never seeks out praise or causes drama. Puts more back than he he gets in return in order to keep the game honest.

Top player in my book!


Realy? I find that newww usually cheats when things don't go his way a few games in a row.


I find that people that make new accounts, just to repeatedly post the same crap about another player, are usually as full of crap as the info they use for those new fake accounts.


VOTING IS NOW CLOSED for 2014 Dominate Game Player of the Year. Thanks to all who participated and here are the results:

Charles 1 vote
Twinkie (et al) 1 vote
newww 1 vote
Aspie 2 votes

HUGE Congratulations to ASPIE 2014 PLAYER OF THE YEAR!! Emiel, how about a one year free membership for our winner?!

Since newww is an admin and so is not eligible for the second place award, second place will be decided between the 2 players who tied in votes for the title, and are invited to play a series of 10 games, heads-up with robots, each player to set 5 games of their choice. In case of a tie, the competition will continue in global chat and the winner will be decided for trash-talking and entertainment value.

So, Charles and Twinkie will be competing for SECOND PLACER OF THE YEAR, so to speak, and the great debate over which is better will be settled once and for all. Let the games begin. Good luck!

Thank you very much to all who participated and good luck this coming year. Voting for 2015 PLAYER OF THE YEAR will begin in December.





I am the best player.


Charlie Charlie,

still here. I vote you for best player.

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