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How to unban


K, here is the sccop:

Moop made too many nicks from a friends pc (Zman). Zman is banned. Moop can play. Zman can't. Zman emails and harrasses Moop. Moop emails admins. Nothing. Zman depressed.

What is the solution?


ok, it is moop. New banned moopissorry. He is totaly ignoring me. The real reason he banned me is because I called him on being a second placer. I can still play and Zman changed his IP and is good. Jut be warned: New abuses his power. Chill. Moop out.


Newww is still cheating and ignoring this. It's the fox watching the hen house. Newww is a cheater. At least I am over 2k now? The trick? Stay away from Neww.


im glad u r happy. look thru teh forums, the admins here have ticked off many. they leave. thats wehat u should do. i aint gopnna play here.


So who is guessnot?
I'm guessing Charles.
So I guess I will have to ask in global why Master C was ban again.
I have my theories about why he was

Maybe we can get A special speech?


neww is in charge???? no wonder this site doenst get good players.

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