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I have a question, that perhaps only a mathematician can answer, with certainty.

How much of a negative impact does someone hoarding points have on the other players?

For example, if I start 50 nicks, and artificially inflate each of them to nearly 2000, by means of teaming with bots, and other trickery. Then I only play each of them one once, occasionally, and with bots of course, in order to keep the points. Wouldn't that behavior remove points from the "pool", thereby having a negative impact on all players ratings?

I can understand having 2 or 3 different nicks, just for fun, and to avoid stalkers, but I think having a ridiculous amount only brings down the quality of the gaming experience for everyone else.

I would be interested to see the math behind this, if anyone can calculate it.


Let them eat cake!


Someone hoarding points from other players?lol
I'm glad you are still around,you are the biggest joke of the site now.

Maybe most of the players left should work on winning games instead of ruining them.hint hint

I can help you out.
Rist6 and others like him are stalking suiciders losers that do not have game.
They need to sneak into A high rated players game and try to ruin their nicks.


And yes let them eat cake.:)


This is old news for mapmakers in mapwars


It doesnt matter if you have 50 nicks of 2k+. It wont affect anyone. This is different from mapwars. So my first remark can be disregarded.

You can manipulate this site in any way you like, but to have 50 nicks of 2k+ means, you have to play someone at some point.

In a normal game they will kill you first to share your high rating. I hope this answers your question. It can be very lonely at the top otherwise.


isnt this what newww does?


Hello Newwww aka Ger

I see you are not on much lately.
I seen you once in the last month.
You show
up to day to add new map for about 10 minutes then leave with a word.
Yeah I know the site is close to dead.
Lucky not much teaming going on.

If you do not want to be administrator please
step down and let someone who wants to be admin be one.Before it is to late.


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