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Hi guys, some of you might remember me. I used to play this game many years ago and it was widely known that I was the most feared, respected and loved player of my time. Many people called me "ruthless" for my brutal punishments in which I would inflict on my enemy's.

I have briefly returned and I have noted that I have been unsurpassed on the ratings board. It is an honor and a privilege for me to continue as your leader throughout my absence. I thank you all for your continued loyalty and support for your dear leader.

We shall meet again,


I knew "many months, maybe even a year or two" was too good to be true.

You have not been missed, in fact, it's been quite nice with you gone (please do stay where ever you've been).


I am sorry to inform you all that I must depart. I may be gone for many hours, maybe even a day or two. Good luck to you all, and fear not, we shall game again.


I agree you were one of the lousiest mapmakers and impersonators of big names like Vigilante by logging in as Vigiiante with cap i, resulting in Vigilante, forcing me to log in as VigiLante. Thats sick! For the rest, it is a real mystery to me how you still think you are loved by anyone, since you made more players leave than Emiel did.

So, you never made a good map, never played a good game, and impersonated many players.

Still, you made yourself famous by always being there to annoy others, so more power to ya!

But you were never feared and certainly never respected, and if you want to call suiciding ruthless, go ahead!

Greetings VigiLante

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