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Cya folks


Due to life commitments I may not return for many months, maybe even a year or two.

It is okay to remove my nicknames from the database or just let them expire.

Thanks for all the great games and I sincerely apologize to those whom I may have insulted along the way.

Peace, love & good vibrations,



Kind of harsh, Sudz. Although you two seem to enjoy sparring.

Charles, hope you will still find some time here and there to visit and play a bit as the site wouldn't quite seem the same w/o you. And good luck with your real life endeavors.

TC, TG/Sam


Not really, tard, if you look through the forums, you'll find many similar posts from him. "I'm leaving forever" or "I quit for good" is Charles-speak for I'll be gone a week or two, so you can see how little "months" or "years" means.




I guess C
C.Charles in hiding.


Please please please let it be true!

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