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I am the most fearless, humble & respected player that dominategame has ever known.

Thank you for your cooperation.


It says here you are #50,... you are CharlesVII, correct?
530 CharlesVll 1660 2009 1432 3 498


sorry, #530



You must forgive Chuckie. When it comes to past, present, and future participles, his grasp of the English language falls a little short. Despite my repeated attempt to explain it to him, he simply lacks the understanding that when he uses the word "ever" that his best ever is #134.

I have found that it is just easier to let him keep his dyslexic delusions. His fragile, feeble mind just cannot handle the fact that he still hasn't come close to earning a real #1.


Well I don't know about humble..!


I decided long ago never to walk in anyone's shadow... if I fail if I succeed at least i've played as I believed. No matter what they take from me they'll never take away my dignity


I see Chuckie comes out of hiding once I'm not on the site for the pass week.
No worries small fries,Once I take Twinkie to #1 for the year.
should take me two or three games with the idiots left here.

I"m gone from this site for good.
Not enough good players left,and it gets old playing the scum that is still around.

I will give my full speech once I'm release from the Broadmoor psychiatric hospital.
Should be a short stay this time.

The Great 1


Yes. But what about in blitzkrieg I say I could take to out or outlast you in maps. I first at ukrianian empire #1




" they'll never take away my dignity"

That much is true; they cannot take away that which does not exist.

noun: dignity

the state or quality of being worthy of honor or respect.

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