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Why are idiots still playing a rigged game?


Pay the website's owner and get an advantage in the game, right? No banner = more time for each turn compared to most of your opponents.

Also, what kind of bonehead installs Java onto their computer in this day and age? Very insecure, one of the worst things you can do.


The fact that YOU choose to use a map that has countries covered by the banner does not a "rigged game" make. There have been dozens of maps made that render the banner a non-issue during play.

But we thank you for hiding like a coward by making a new, fake account to air your made-up "issues".


Yes, I have seen such maps. They are ugly and unusable, I guess that's why no one actually plays on them. All the maps in use have a great big banner in the middle for part of your turn unless you send some money to the site's owner.

This brings up another question: what kind of loser pays to get an advantage in a game?

32 players online as I write this. Everyone else wised up a long time ago, but some people never learn.

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