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making a map


I came up with a wonderful version of the Memorice map which was called Tardland. Sudz was in a good mood one day (yes, rare, I know) and turned my idea into reality. So there is (or was) a map called Tardland2 by tardgirl by Sudz which has now been deleted, and I'm wondering if anyone (Sudz won't help me)can tell me how to retrieve this map or how to recreate it. It was really unique and fun to play. Thanks, TG


All the information you need/want is already on the DominateGame forums.


Thx. Guess I have to take back the "Sudz won't help me" part. Maybe this is your way of saying you're sorry? Cooool. Will check it out and maybe Tardlnd can return to it's rightful place (the best map of all time). Thx again xo tg


I have nothing to be sorry for. You, simply, didn't ask for my "help"; you asked to do it for you again and I said that would require you to publicly apologize to me ...


As usual you don't quite tell the truth. I most certainly did not ask you to do anything for me! All I did was ask in global where the map was. Then I asked here. You answered here with something actually helpful, so I rectified my statement about you being unwilling to help. Why always go out of your way to be so unpleasant-life that bad?

Also a sense of humor wouldn't hurt you.

And as far as apologizing, I never did anything to require an apology, unlike you who is vulgar, insulting, interrupts conversations that don't include you, tries to instigate hate and abuse in global, posted private conversations that you cut and pasted, lied in the forums and generally persecuted a nice player (well, many) here at Dominate Game.



Could you be more delusional? ^_^


You two should stop beating around the bush,and just hook up.

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