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help to log in


1 it appears a massage i get blocked every time i try to log in

2when i turn off firewall it doesnt show the block massage but it still fail java

if any suggestion thx in advance

PS been trying to log in for a month already but have no clue where the problem is thx again


what type of computer are you on (IBM compatible, Apple) and what operating system are you using (Windows, Linux, osX)?


i have windows and laptop acer not sure what u asking for not a lot of clue on computers

but i did play dominate b4 everything was normal went away for a year and now i tried the other comp too they both showing the same block it say something like security block or sthg

thx again


oops sorry that was me i just accidently logged in with my second account

thx again


Use the download version of the game.

In recent years java has become increasingly less and less secure, so the default java settings will not let the game play.
You can lower the security settings and get the java version to run, however, I never recommend that for windows users.


ya u were right the secret is to use a download version but then again i played a few games today only kids still with behaviour problems not sure one can last long on this site

thx again for everything


they got a new server a while back. You need to delete the current download, and redownload it.

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