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Tardgirl and Sudz


you are both an asset to the game, reasons:

Tard -

1 - your a girl, massive plus
2 - good player
3 - a member
4 - a nice funny person


1 - Maps Maps Maps - IMO he gets legend status for brining back maps
2 - good player
3 - good banter
4 - deals with the idiots well

However, tard gets a lot of grief on the site, mainly from the trolls and she takes it to heart. that's not a bad thing, and as individuals you need to respect that.

Sudz takes no prisoners, if you say the wrong thing he will let you know about it.

My point is your both assets to the game, dont let the real trolls revel in the drama, make up, move on and lets get this game back on track with good players.


Hi G - Thank you for this. I would love to get past what happened and be able to enjoy playing again, but think that Sudz owes me an apology and unfortunately don't think he is capable of it.

I merely asked for the admin in global after 2 days of serious stalking and harassment from Freakshow, who is one of the biggest trolls on the site. For some reason Sudz, who I'd always been nice to, and had never had ANY problem with piped up with some insulting remarks (he lied about it afterwards, but I swear on my family, my horse and my life this is the truth) that only encouraged the troll to further escalate things. I try to avoid global but Sudz decided to take my business there and he seemed to relish it exploding in a lot of Tard hating. Then he and Freakshow gleefully planned in global to post my private attempt at talking to him personally (not in public ty) in the forum. I was called the most vile names imaginable by his buddy (as usual), and insulted much by Sudz too, but he didn't post any of that, only my private message asking him to stop. I don't even understand why he felt a need to intrude into the situation in the first place.

When I tried to reason with him and appeal to his sense of decency he went from embarrassing me in global to posting my whisper in the public forum which I think is not a decent or cool thing to do.


I did nothing to deserve the trolling and stalking from Freakshow in the first place, was just minding my own business and playing, and so have no idea WHY Sudz would turn on me but I have to say it brought the level of hate on Dominate to a new level for me. I don't really even want to play now and that is too bad, as I have always loved playing and am a paying member.

I don't think Sudz is such a nice person now. I'm sure he's had time to think about the situation and obv he is fine with his actions.

I really fail to understand why a game site is so over-run with hate and disrespect among the players and I do not understand why it is allowed. Did you see the thread where everyone put ugly pics up for some of the players? I mean, what kind of people hang around this place? And why is it allowed to such a degree. All I did was try to reason with Sudz. I had no luck so doubt you will be able to either. But I truly appreciate the fact that you cared enough to try!


I don't think it's just me that thinks the site has some real jerks running off nice players. Ran across this, and thought the title was very fitting:


" I swear on my family, my horse and my life this is the truth"

Well now, that sucks for all involved (right now, I so wish I has screen shots of the global too).

Look the fact is I don't care, one way or the other, about most anyone on this game. I come to
play and have fun.

The fact that tard finds my mannerisms funny when aimed at others, but not herself, is her issue. This whole "woe is me, people are so mean to me" bull is just that... bull. Ignore buttons don't work, but the fix has been posted on this forum for years, so you can't say that someone's text is bothering you and it be truthful (unless they whisper, but even then, they are not forcing you to read those whispers - you can simply hot "Close").

It's a game and dots on a screen, if it has effects on your life than the issues lie outside of the game!


*you can simply hit "Close"


Sorry Tardgirl.
Time to move on.I will stop joking around and just play the game from time to time.



Yeah, well...IF Freakshow (aka Buttercups) you are at all sincere in your apology and offer to stop "joking around" with me, thank you.

And Sudz, I really wasn't attempting to continue any interaction or discussion with you, but will say that YOU are the reason that I don't feel comfortable playing anymore. I don't need a game of Risk badly enough to put up with being thrown down as troll fodder by you, sir. It is not ok to abuse other people, and that is what you did to me. You camp in and monopolize global chat and continuously insult people. I have never found it cute or entertaining and even said that to you, that I think you are inordinately mean to some people there. Your name is on every map now and I don't really wish to play a Sudz map. You, sir, are a liar, an abuser, a HUGE TROLL yourself, and just because you type some BS doesn't make it true. So your philosophy is that you should be allowed to lie and violate people and their response should be to hit close rather than stand up for themselves or the truth? Not gonna work for me, sorry. You had no reason to do any of this to me and here I am still having to read this crap in the forum, thanks to one decent person here starting another thread. What you did that day and since was inappropriate and uncalled for and every word you have typed since has only proven what a jerk and a bully you are. I tried to talk to you when this situation started, in a much more appropriate manner than anything you have done, but rather than be receptive to that you chose to escalate things by your attempt at ridiculing me in public.

I really don't think it is possible for me to play again under the circumstances you suggest.
Because obviously you will continue your abuse and you think that no one can or will do anything to stop it. You are exactly the type of person that makes the environment at Dominate Game what it is at it's worst, and I would remind you once more that I did NOTHING to deserve any of what you did or said, EVER! EXCEPT stand up for myself and the truth of the matter, which is simply that you overstepped the boundaries of human decency towards me. For no reason - I never did anything bad to you!!!!!!! So, thanks for nothing (except a whole bunch of negative and judgmental comments) and hope you feel good about yourself. You wanted to publicize all of this so hope you feel proud of yourself as a human too low and too small to admit that you crossed an inappropriate line.

IF the admin reads this, I am requesting that all threads pertaining to this subject be removed, as my main complaint about all this in the first place is this strange and overbearing rude person named Sudz that you let act like he owns the site lately took my name and my business to public chat and forums for troll fodder and I am still being fed on. All because I tried to play Dominate Game! ALL I did that day was ask if the admin was on! :(

Obviously Sudz (still) think that he can do and say anything he wants to your members and players and that he is above reproach. As long as he is allowed to keep verbally abusing people in global chat and in your forums and he for some unfathomable reason has chosen me (a person who was always nice and supportive to him) for his current target, I will not feel comfortable playing there. Because I will have to keep reading his comments and insults, and it encourages more of the same from others. OBVIOUSLY he has not reconsidered his behavior or stopped it, but rather his idea of right is that he should keep using global chat and the forums for his idea of entertainment in any abusive way he sees fit, and that if a victim of his entertainment has a problem with being the subject of his attention, they should hit close while it goes on. I don't think so. As I said, I don't need a game of Risk that badly.

And you wonder why there aren't so many players on the site?!! :( PLEASE make this guy leave me alone. Thx. When I know that Sudz will leave me alone to play (and there are some maps that he is not taking credit for by having his name on all of them) I will enjoy the site again. If he is allowed to keep stomping on other players rights then I probably just won't play for awhile as I don't really think I am willing to be treated that way. It really did bring the hate on the site to a new level for me as I did absolutely nothing to the guy to deserve any of this and I've honestly been rather shocked at the amount of hate and the really low level of behavior that he is continuing. Not fun for me.

But, thanks anyway Gmoney - I know you meant well :)

I am not gonna be troll food b/c some loser with no manners decided it should be. Too bad he is allowed to chase paying members away from the site, but am sure it's made him deliriously happy. I'm glad I'm not like him. Have a nice day, all. Tardgirl OUT


create drama much?

I paid the $35, too, so enough with the "paying members" crap.




Wow, I've never seen such a drama queen on a bloody game forum.

Seek help Tard.


yea she sucks. Tantrum after tantrum. winning games cus guys think its just too much hassle to hear her go off. On top of that she is clueless to that. Sigh.


Hm..Someone needs to get a life. I didn't START any of that "drama" but merely tried to stand up for myself, and also always told the truth, unlike some of my "fans".

The game of Risk is fun but the rampant hating and trolling on this site is not. I still fail to understand why it is allowed.

Have a nice day, all. I plan to :)


R.I.P Sudz aka Walter Scott

(Reuters) - Hundreds of mourners, including prominent South Carolina politicians, attended the funeral on Saturday of Walter Scott, an African-American father of four who was shot in the back while running from a white patrolman.

The body of the slain Coast Guard veteran, whose death was filmed by a bystander, was carried in a flag-draped casket past a crowd assembled outside the W.O.R.D. Ministries Christian Center in Summerville, north of North Charleston, where the shooting took place on April 4.

Scott's death reignited a public outcry over police treatment of African Americans that flared last year after the killings of unarmed black men in Ferguson, Missouri, New York City and elsewhere.

"This is a sad day," said Rev. James Johnson, who is president of the local chapter of civil rights leader Rev. Al Sharpton's National Action Network.

"God has got a reason for what has happened," he told Reuters before the service. "Hopefully this will heal the world."

Michael Slager, the North Charleston officer who fired eight times at Scott's back as he fled from a traffic stop, has been charged with murder and dismissed from the police force.

Scott's family, who were escorted to the funeral by law enforcement officers, had changed their mind on allowing media to attend after a newspaper reported that the family wanted Sharpton to stay away, Johnson said.

Sharpton was always welcome, though the family had not scheduled him as a speaker, he said.

Sharpton said he had a scheduling conflict on Saturday, the last day of his organization's convention in New York, but would attend a vigil in North Charleston on Sunday and meet with Scott's family.

"People are close to the point of saying 'what is it going to take to see real change?'," Sharpton said. "This validates the need for a federal oversight of policing."

Scott, 50, was driving a black Mercedes-Benz when he was pulled over by Slager, 33, for a broken tail light. Video from the dashboard camera in Slager's police cruiser recorded a respectful exchange between the two men before the officer returned to his patrol car.

A few minutes later, after being told by Slager to stay in the Mercedes, Scott emerged from his car and ran off. He was apparently unarmed.

A cell phone video taken by a bystander showed the men in a brief tussle before Scott ran off again, Slager fired his gun and Scott slumped into the grass. There was a gap between the two videos, however, as the officer was not wearing a body camera.

Rep. James Clyburn, a U.S. congressman who among the 500 people at the funeral, said he wanted national strategies and standards for law enforcement to be considered.

"Body cameras are a good start. They're certainly not a panacea," said Clyburn, who was joined at the funeral by U.S. Senator Tim Scott and Rep. Mark Sanford.

Scott had a history of arrests for failing to pay child support and was forced out of the U.S. Coast Guard in 1986 after more than two years of service because of a drug offense.

He was nonetheless discharged under honorable conditions because he had a good record of service, the Coast Guard said.



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