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more players


we need to get more players coming to the site, new players and maybe some of the old players back. Any suggestions?

One idea - we all post the URL on other sites, in forums or chat rooms. Keeping it relevant and with caution towards being considered spam.


look at this, not even a mention -


A few reasons why the drop in players on the site over the years.

1.Server down to much,no major updates in years if ever(Emiel fault)
2.Had no administrator for over a year,no good admin for even longer.
3.No punishment for abusive language in chat.
5.Second placing(need to change the rating system,this might help).

Lost almost all the old time good players because of so many problems with the site.



Make it ipad friendly. I know it's java, but I've been trying different java friendly browsers on ipad. I know there haint much to be done, but i always wishen


LMAO @ the new guy.

The first iPad was released on April 3, 2010, some 5 years after the last actual update to this game.


Guys, maybe we need to do something. We shoud ask emiel to transfer the rights for editing and updating to a young and enthousiastic programmer.

If the situations says like this this fantastic game will be dead within a couple of years.


I just tried to join, it says I am banned. I am an excellent Risk player. But I cannot join.
I assume the problem lies in not letting new players in. Probably an old boys network.


the problem is not new; its "newwww"

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