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Goodbye from Charles


Thanks to all of my dominategame friends for the great games over the past 13 years.

It has been a rollercoaster and an absolute pleasure in playing with all of you.



getting in someones head.. its the best!


I dont think you have a lot of friends here. In al the years you came here, you prooved to be one of the biggest twats on the internet.


Ok I'll play: Goodbye Charles. Hello Carlos. Saw you playing today. Guess you couldn't stay away :( You are playing more games than just Risk. 2 ip addresses. 2,000 names. Whatever..


ahh haaaa
Attention seeking behavior totally
Good bye Charles or nightgirl or whoever is next on your sick list.I'm guessing transgender,maybe that was the charles nick.

Also pole said he and nightgirl are the same player,just different ips.
Wish is I'm thinking might be true now.

See this post

Sharing Accounts: Charles and Nightgirl
Discussion started by Polemarch


Ok, I'll bite. First of all, nightgirl has an address. Always has, always will. There's only one address here. Actually that's all I have. Night.


BrainElf is one of the names rk.wavecable uses. Another of his names is nightgirl. He is not a girl. He may be an elf. He hijacked Charlie's thread, speaking of attention seeking. Happy New Year.



First off.Charles is not gone.SAD :)
heres his new account username.

Jester 1680 1754 1500 1 9
Starman 1719 1719 1500 1 6
Pallas 1735 1735 1500 1 4

That Nightgirl account is not mine.Ask the admin what ip it uses and I bet it is Charles.

And really if you do not know I'm a dude,I have been telling everyone my name is Joey for the pass year or so.

Happy new year


Oh yes. I remember the thread where you said your nightgirl account was gone and accusing a "little green troll" of using your name. So yes, LATELY the ip using the name is probably Charles but historically it was the wavecable ip which was you, brainelf, formerly the female impersonator nightgirl. It's ok, let the buyer beware on the internet. You never know what's under those "panties"! Kind of like Thailand Yo. To be honest I enjoyed my nightgirl fantasies until you got outed. Thx for the mammaries LOL.


They are still playing.So no goodbye? :(

2014 January 6 had games in history.

Charles take this test.


Seems charles has been living a double life.


more like


Rehoboam, I took the test I have found myself antisocial personality.
But when checking other test i found i have few signs so what.

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