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Remove chat window or people don't use chat


I think without the chat window the games will be much nicer. There is so much swearing, false accusations and people who can be so angry around! Although most conversations are fine they don't compensate for the terrible ones IMHO. I just don't use chat in the future but still this request because escalating discussions can ruin game-play for everybody, even onto the next games sometimes.
Also I'm sad for the people who can be so angry over a game, so not having chat will lower lots of peoples blood pressure and there will be no irritations with the others making risk a nicer game with more players here!


The beauty of the chat feature is that you don't have to use it. It's optional. Sounds like you need to thicken up your skin a bit. Don't let what others say about you bother you it is the internet my friend. Most of the people talking shit are 15 year old boys with nothing better to do. Have fun with it.


Yes you are right, maybe this is the way people
interact on the internet and I have to get used to this. I remember in 2003 when I was playing Risk 2 from the CD online there was hardly or never any argument in chat, sure not wishing cancer to each others family members or worse what I see here.


i know it can be bad...this game incites the juvenile in all of us but still some of us try to be an adult about it as much as possible...others you think never progressed past age 12.

strictly no game chat but retain global chat and personal chat. how about it? This could retain some friendships and enable friendships.

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