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No rating change for dropping out before a game starts


For years now it has been suggested by many that a sound be played when the game is about to start. This has never been added.

If you ever get around to this, it would also be nice to not have your rating affected for dropping out in last place without ever placing a single army.

I have lost a ton of ratings just for missing the start of a game because I was distracted doing something else while I was waiting for the game to start.


sensible. but what if you have no sound card or the on-board sound is broken or you can't get it to work? one of the above is my situation.

i'd also include perhaps if we decided to not play the game before moving, maybe unfairly seeing the board and you don't like the set-up, or more legitimately you have to do something else before the game starts though you are locked in the game based on a start timer, maybe you could lose the same number of points of a 4th placer and go.


This group has a nodded dominategame which has an alert st the beginning of each game

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