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For all of those that have played for a while and have recently come back you may have realized that there are not nearly as many people playing as there use to be. We all know the site went down for a while and its slowly gaining people but the only advertising is through word of mouth. I have already posted on a few gaming forums but we need a lot more people posting on forums and spreading the word. If everybody that reads this posts just one comment on a forum the rest will take off from there.


Read and doing BrickWall, but from Spain this game runs really slow... must advice people not to pay for a membership also, it means nothing than spending money on a hole.


I would steer clear of becoming a member as the games ongoing technical problems could risk your account and ratings etc. My membership lapsed last week and my nics where deleted and ratings lost. I emailed Emiel about reply.

Totally pointless paying for membership in my opinion


I paid for a membership months ago. I'm still not a member. I paid when the site was having trouble. I thought I should chip in my fair share after years of free play. I dont really care about the membership perks, but it would be nice to have someone at least acknowledge that I paid.
I know others have the same story.


I dont wanna read this!

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