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Not sure where admins went, but I would be fine enlisting my services again as admin. I don't plan on playing much, but would like to help report/kick/ban all teamers posted on the site.


Go back to sucking Emiel cock.I'm sure he will make you HEAD ADMIN!!!


Big shocker, there is no benefit of being an admin. We do it to help the community. You signed up for this game, you also agreed to not use inappropriate language. You don't like the rules, plenty of other games you can go be a troll in.


Mongo good to see you back!

re Emiel making u an admin - he could do worse, you have my vote.


If I remember well, you were apointed as an admin a few years ago. Only 2 weeks later you choose not to be admin anymore.

Why do you want to be admin and how long do you think you will remain as an admin this time ?

Sorry to say, but you wont get my vote. Either you take the responsibility and fight for your right to follow through with your duties, or you keep shouting at the baseline on how much teaming there is going on. But you cant get both.


Does that include reinstatement of players banned without cause?



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