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I am a cheater


Sometimes I beat people in games, therefore I am a cheater and teamer and should burn at the cross for this.


Get some decent ratings,then maybe we will let you troll the forums.


Some decent ratings? Nice troll yourself you loser. I have had decent ratings, and i have also had poor ratings. You clearly have the intelligence of a 12 year old downs syndrome chimp, because you should know rating is not cumulative. Shall I define what a cumulative average means? Or what rating in dominategame is? Game by game, non-cumulative rating.

Yeah, nice troll xvx. Just about everyone on this game knows you are the biggest trolliest moron there is.



Don't listen to xvx. Everyone know he is a tool. Just mention 'hannibal' and watch him start crying like a little bitch


lets see
I own you both.I make you cry little dogs.
Synystr looks like a below average player,maybe on a good day

Synystr 1591 1804 1243 6 1746
RiskLoving 1483 1665 1291 1 104
BQP2cheatr 1493 1518 1493 1 3

And Ghostbat hides behind a new username with no games.


xvx, you hide behind an account with what like 50 games? Sure your rating is high. You've played 50 games on it. And sure your rating will be low at times too. Have you nothing better to do then enter someones forum (especially one that was made as a joke in the first place) and chirp like a retard?

As I've said, you are one of dominategame's biggest trolls, its a known fact. Go hang out at the park and watch little kids or something, I'm sure thats something you're into.


all these threads are being commented on by the same couple of haters using lots of names. hohum..


just let you all know that xvxvx1 thief and impostor.
this low life scumbag try to ruin my good name by posting here and in global chat room .


did xv really just say his name was "good". lololol.


The players at dominating12 seem to be better at the game....because of strict rules...minimal suicides, no teaming, and rarely see abusive chat ( you get warned then banned if you do any of the above) great graphics too. check it out sometime


If you are a cheater for winning, you must have played against newww

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