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Dice algorithm


The Dice Algorithm: Please improve upon it. As an example of how bad it is please note a 17 on 1 loss. yeah a 17 on one loss.


I forget what year this game was released, but that was the last time the dice program was updated. The rolls you are talking about happen on a regular basis and often negate and hour of careful maneuvering. When this happens, try not to break anything. But also, the next time you are losing, don't give up hope, because it just might happen to the other guy. It's a sorry way to win but if it were gambling you'd still want the prize money.
Only alternative is to uninstall, because nothing, and I mean Nothing will get these guys to fix their er stuff.



How is the odds 100% and 0% on some of those YDN??? Over time, if you re-rolled a 17-1, it will statistically happen.

And yes, DG's dice formula was greatly improved around 2011. Prior it was even worse. I think it's a pretty decent formula still today. I'm not sure I would like a dice formula that "always" worked according to statistics. It would make for a very boring game.


Just want to point out, I once lost 19v1, in Afghanistan of all places ^^

I make that a 2.7 in 100 million occurrence if the algorithm were an accurate simulation of actual dice odds.


I lost a caps game once. 11 to 27 and then he topok survivors and attacked my 7 on cap and won. 11 to 38 over to terrotories. And everybody said I was an idiot and he was a good player. Than again math wasn't my strogest point ever.


"I make that a 2.7 in 100 million"

If you understand what that actually means, then you would understand that that must happen, sometimes. Otherwise it would be a 0.0 in 100 million chance......

Just think how many times these dice are "thrown" every day.... week after week, month after month....

No need to reply, I will take your silence as evidence that you now understand,agree, and thank me for enlightening you, and will never again complain about dice "odds".


i lost a game once i had 37 armies, he had nine. and I lost. everybody said i was stupid and he had he better strategy.


Im pretty sure the algorythim doesnt work properly


you simply make a quasi probabilistic routine. i could show you a way.

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