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umm well um hmm ñpñ i mean lololol anyway ummm theres little thing called DRAW we use back at wz for some reason since im getting umm well lol i think this site isnt that bad afterall im done with complaring cause u cant itst just fdeifferent lol but anyway back to the point DRAW a good thing is make people focus more on not bouilding o n what i have notice on this ite most of the games downside is people just buidling into infintie seems like u guys have a startegy well my bad lol not all ill build and build and if i dont touch noone illwin lololol anyway again back to the poiint DRAWs option willm ake u think how to win or fight faster since noone wants tog et to the part where every1 either or some1 either leaves or gets bored and annotyed and leaves, DRAW option would in this situations give u a way out without for some imoprtant ratings that would not loose hmmm ya lol so a good part would be people would will start to develop faster eliminatitaion strategies cause or if they would get stuck in madssive troops they know they have DRAW option and noone will anyway loose rank lol


DRAW OPTION 1makes no kamies or leavers at the late part of the game what i would say is seriously annoying not only kamieiers but leavers they make ur big armys stuck and make easy win for some1

2makes people know if they get into heavy building they can still leave without destroying rank hmm ratings i mean lol

3 a good way to better atmospher for a DRAW equalsa a more friendly ending of a game lol :)


if no DRAW OPTION ..............well simple said im against brings out bad part of human most of the times lol :)

the way we usually handle back at well u know lol i dont want o pormote it even thou i did lol i kinda like some peeps here and finally wouldnt be fair but anyhow back to the opint lol

PS lol yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

SOUND IF GAME START lol geeez i dont wanna be stuck at pc for waitin for anoraml above 1600 game lololol


Drivvel drivvel drivvel. Now get down and give me 40!!!!


Charles......I actually agree with you here..haha. What is with the way you project yourself into your discussions TP??? I wouldn't expect anything other than "Drivvel drivvel drivvel. Now get down and give me 40!!!" Less caffeine....morrrrre...umm..sleep? Just sayin.


hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm hmti tum mhmmmmmm bhmmtitum i might be funky but ......ummmmmmm uurmmmmmmmm lol lololol DRAW OPTION hbals ingles ,, fransais aprle, porutguese fals? geez not hard to understand huh lol lololol lol


ayaya oh dear gtg fdrink some more tea

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