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anyway what i mean is it would be awsome that in the room where u see what game sr playing that on games that are alredy in progrees u could see timer idk if its possible i mean iiim no computer guy but just saying it would be cool lol ummm maybe like ever-------ummm i mean not that theres timer but i mean like every 3 minutes it switches so u see ummm lol little confuisng i mean u dont see actual time running but really what u see is a timer like 3min then after its more than 6min it swtches to 6min and so on lol idk lol just so u know when u can excpect some players to poop out so u dont need to keep spying on the game when is over otr that oor aswell its kinda awsome too see how long is a game runninglol thx and dont be bother i m the lol guy lololol lol thx and hf


i repying so idont need to open a new windowlol i 4got on last thing ummmmmmmm thats a long project so ill get back to the after i spent a little time here


ummmm lol, you message, ummm is ummm very lolable because ummm, well, ummmm this is confusing, I guess lol, you need to stop saying ummmm, and lol like 4 times in ummm a sentince. lol. thx


Great idea. I will do my best to put this in the next client app.

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