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i was doing well ill say like alittl eproject went over every risk online site played there for a bit and see how the atmposphere , the inside , game so on and so on, i know its impossible to get a feeling how it is, but certain 1st impression is a good pointer; im not goona say im one heck of a risker but ill say i think i got myself a little respected place on warzone and i tell u for sure this, u would have probably one of the best risk sites ever cause seems ur doing real good in getting crowd, but game......, thats pure stress and seriously the way i found it fun there its awful, since u have a topic for suggestions i would say infiltrate in warzone and see for urself and ill bet u gonna have the best risk site as they know me back on loling but im serious lol critics sometimes can be positive, gl with the good work and risk up


After reading that I still don't know what you expect Emiel to think about.

Maybe if you cut out all of the drivvel & cut straight to the chase then what you are trying to say will become clear.



I got laid off Wednesday from the decent-paying job I'd had for almost 5 years, and now I'm busting my tail to get resumes and applications out to as many places as possible. I really have mixed feelings about this, but I just passed an online pre-employment assessment test for Walmart. I don't want to seem desperate for work by applying there, but I'm also not content to just sit on my butt and wait for a handout from Barry and Ben. Do any of you guys work at or have you worked at Walmart? I think it'd be interesting from a philosophical standpoint to see how they operate, but I'm also a bit leery of the Big Brother-ish aura, Janet Napolitano's videos notwithstanding. I'm thinking that if I get a job at one Wally World, I'm going to have to restrict my shopping to other stores, unless I just buy smaller quantities at any given time. Any advice or perspectives from inside the Walmart machine?


This makes me want to start smoking meth.

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